The game I Ching Fortunetelling, is a case of using old type, telling a new story. In this information explosion society with loads of digital media, the paper media seems to have faded out of the public’s sight, while this game creatively recreate the well-known Chinese folk origami game “ North South East West “, and I put the symbols and the rules derive from the I Ching to the old artifact. As a result of it, I got a new game of divination. Under the influence of Fluxus artists, I designed the whole process of divination into a score, the score is essentially a kind of algorithm to get a behavior instruction. John Cage’s creation of artwork in 1951 called The Music of Chance, appropriate the I Ching of the sixty-four hexagrams as a spectrum of piano works. Also, this game is also to the misappropriation of the I Ching, the algorithm of game and the results have nothing to do with traditional the I ching divination, but borrowed from its form, has devised a game art, is a kind of art, philosophy, and explore the game borders. This game is pure handmade, almost non-existent technology, in the context of the digital age, it seems to be a kind of technology of the worship of silent revolt.